Mimir offers job management services (multiposting) from within recruitment applications. We provide our partners with web services and interactive clients so users can carry out the complete management of jobs on job boards from within the recruitment software itself.

Quality and availability

Mimir stands for the highest quality and availability and offers job management services for a growing number of clients, including client in healthcare, various government agencies and large international clients like Trenkwalder for who we handle the distribution of jobs throughout Europe.

Full integration

We distinguish ourselves from other solutions by offering fully integrated job management (multiposting) from inside recruitment applications. The management of jobs is hence possible in the look and  feel of the recruitment application. No separate applications, no additional training, but direct management of jobs on job boards from within the trusted software.

Synchronisation modules

Besides web services and interactive clients we also develop synchronisation modules for the automatic management of jobs in already existing jobs files on job boards.