Mimir and Carerix

Mimir offers fully integrated job management services within Carerix.

Where other solutions waste your time by working in external systems, configuring and maintaining mappings and keeping  a complete overview, Mimir offers direct job management from within the existing publications.

Read our press release we released with Carerix on our interactive client application.

Mimir offers

  • Overview and control

    Mimir offers a complete overview per publication that shows on which job boards a job is posted and what the current status over there is. You see the number of views and applications per job board, a link to the live job and the date until which the job will stay visible, or will be reposted.

  • Convenience for employees

    The collection of job boards visible to your employees in easy to configure. Job boards are assignable per employee, group of employees, department, location, country or company. Employees see the Mimir interface in a self selected language, so international oriented companies can easily deploy Mimir as well.

  • Insight in candidates

    Publishing jobs on multiple job boards results in applications from various channels. Mimir manages en controls this process and registers for each candidate the job board the candidate started the application process. This functionality is also available if you use application forms based on the Carerix WordPress Plugin.

  • Automatic configuration

    The integration of Mimir in Carerix offers Mimir access to the data model with i.a. function groups, branches and career levels that you’ve created in Carerix. During the posting of jobs Mimir automatically learns how your categorisation of the jobs on the various jobs boards matches with the categorisation that you utilise for these jobs in the Carerix data model.

    The more jobs you post on job boards with Mimir, the more lists will receive preselected values when you start publishing jobs. You will save a lot of time categorizing jobs, but keep full control over the mapping of jobs on the job boards.

    And what if your data model changes, or a job board introduces new function names or branches? In that case the new information will automatically be included in the automatic learning process.

Additional information

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