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Business developer/ industrial liaison officer (F/M/X)

Business developer/ industrial liaison officer (F/M/X)

As a Business Developer, you will foster and support the collaboration between DIFFER and (industry) stakeholders. Your focus, in particular, will be to open up our unique facilities to private sector users and further develop DIFFER’s network. Additionally, you will act as Industrial Liaison Officer for Fusion for Energy and ITER: the two most significant public European fusion organisations with which DIFFER closely works. Your role will be the linking pin between Fusion for Energy and ITER and Dutch industry. Being part of the strategic support team, you will tie together the strengths and strategic priorities of (inter)national public research and the ambitions and qualities of the private sector.

Concretely, you will:

  • Analyse and interpret industrial developments (opportunities and threats) relevant to DIFFER research, as well as the needs for Fusion for Energy and ITER, and proactively advise the management team and scientific staff about them.
  • Advise about valorisation, public-private partnerships, and the pros and cons of industry collaboration. Set up processes and policies about these topics when needed.
  • Proactively find opportunities for collaboration, valorisation, knowledge transfer, and intellectual property.
  • Maintain and manage, together with scientists and your colleagues, stakeholders and ongoing collaboration with external parties.
  • Represent DIFFER, as well as Fusion for Energy and ITER, at conferences, meetings and (inter)national networks. Be part of the BigScience.NL network.
  • Set up and lead a committee on intellectual property to foster the generation and protection of intellectual property.

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18-06-2024 Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research
Postdoc modeling transport in the plasma edge (x/f/m)

State-of-the-art simulations of transport effects in the fusion plasma edge has become an import element in the prediction of reactor-scale operational scenarios providing compatibility to both, required heat and particle exhaust constraints and good fusion plasma core performance. Given the multi-scale multi-physics nature of the problem, solutions for a reactor relevant operational regime are hard to achieve given slow numerical convergence rates. An employment of numerical tools, that e.g., allow to predict relevant dynamics for plasma control by using an integrated approach with suitable fidelity, are not yet existing. In very recent years, the fusion community has started to develop fast surrogate models based on Machine Learning / AI models to speed up significantly the employed tools. Such tools have demonstrated to be generally applicable and to be fast; their predictive capability however is a trade-off balancing speed and level of fidelity.

DIFFER is seeking to hire a post-doctoral researcher for approximately two years to work with the Integrated Modeling group at the institute within various frameworks (EUROfusion and other private partners in fusion) to conduct edge simulations for reactor design and improve fast edge transport model surrogates applicable to fusion reactors.

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11-06-2024 Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research
Postdoc in plasma edge turbulence modeling (x/f/m)

High-fidelity gyrokinetic modeling of the scrape-off layer is essential in predicting and understanding confinement physics in fusion devices. By contributing to the further development of the Gkeyll code - through the implementation of finite-Larmor-radius effects or improvement of the solver for magnetic fluctuations - the candidate will lay the groundwork for and then conduct state-of-the-art studies, advancing our understanding of a crucial plasma region. This work will be performed in close collaboration with the Gkeyll Team at PPPL and experimentalists at DIFFER and/or WEST.

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06-06-2024 Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research
Junior Management Assistent (x/v/m)

Als Junior Management Assistent werk je nauw samen met twee andere Management Assistentes.

Je ondersteunt bij secretariële, administratieve, procesmatige en organisatorische taken, waarbij de focus ligt op management-, beleidsondersteuning en communicatie.

Tot jouw taken behoren onder andere:

  • Je plant afspraken en vergaderingen en regelt daarbij behorende facilitaire voorzieningen;
  • Je biedt ondersteuning bij de voorbereiding en uitvoering van evenementen;
  • Medewerkers en externen vinden in jou een aanspreekpunt voor hun vragen en je zet acties uit indien nodig;
  • Je biedt ondersteuning aan meerdere leidinggevenden;
  • Je organiseert zakenreizen voor hen;
  • Je voert administratieve taken uit, zoals het verwerken van (reis)declaraties in ons financiële systeem;
  • Je draagt zorg voor het bijhouden en plaatsen van teksten op ons intranet.

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23-05-2024 Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research
Technical Project Manager

who will take charge of the management of the LiMeS-lab development project, in consultation with the scientific project leader of LiMeS-lab.

The main tasks of the LiMeS-lab technical project manager will be:

  • To finalize the definition phase of the project.
  • To manage the engineering design and realization of the LiMeS-lab facility devices.
  • To set clear goals and deadlines within the available resources and make sure the project team functions effectively
  • To manage the resources of the LiMeS-lab project, both human and financial.
  • To provide input for progress and status reports to the main project stakeholders, including the project Steering Group, the DIFFER Management Team and NWO.

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30-04-2024 Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research