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Postdoc Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design

The aim of this postdoc position is to synthesize the lessons of three pioneering projects in Amsterdam, Delft and Maastricht in the field of Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design. By comparing and contrasting, you will integrate the lessons, produce new knowledge and build an overarching approach. You will be part of a team of PhD students, Postdocs and tenured staff in the three projects. You will study the tensions between safety, sustainability and circularity values and how these tensions can be addressed. You will analyse the uncertainties and the responsibilities in decision-making. You will develop novel insights, useful approaches and policy recommendations. We ask you to:

  • Integrate insights about safety, sustainability and circularity;
  • Investigate the ecosystems of actor and their interdependencies;
  • Study the dynamics of decision making;
  • Compare the findings with lessons elsewhere;
  • Develop an overall approach of Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design;
  • Contribute to a productive team effort.

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26-02-2024 Maastricht University
Analist - practicumzalen OI-FHML

In het Onderwijsinstituut Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (OI-FHML) zijn alle facultaire onderwijstaken voor de opleidingen Geneeskunde, Gezondheidswetenschappen, European Public Health, Biomedische Wetenschappen en Regenerative Medicine and Technology ondergebracht. Het OI-FHML is bij de uitvoering van de onderwijstaken zowel verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud als voor de uitvoering, logistiek, beheer en planning.

Het OI-FHML bestaat naast de Directie uit drie afdelingen: Onderwijszaken, Bedrijfsbureau, en Strategie & Beleid.

De onderstaande vacature voor een onderwijs-/ onderzoeksmedewerker is gesitueerd binnen de afdeling Onderwijszaken OI-FHML.

Wij zoeken een enthousiaste analist(e) 0.8- 1.0 FTE met affiniteit voor onderwijs en in het bijzonder voor studenten die laboratorium vaardigheden moeten leren uitvoeren. De practicumzalen worden gebruikt voor verschillende opleidingen binnen de FHML zoals Biomedische Wetenschappen, Gedragswetenschappen en Regeneratieve Geneeskunde. Ook ander faculteiten maken gebruik van de practicumzalen. Het gaat om ruim 1000 per jaar die verschillende practica moeten doorlopen. De practicumzalen vallen onder het Onderwijsinstituut.

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26-02-2024 Maastricht University
Lab Manager Polymer Processing lab

We are looking for a Lab Manager to run our polymer processing lab, which is located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen. The lab includes compounding, cast extrusion, film blowing, extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding as main techniques. The Lab Manager is in charge of ensuring the smooth running of the lab, which is used by our PhD students. Because we are a research environment, there is a lot of variation in the project topics and materials. We are looking for a person who can work autonomously when it comes to making decisions, but also functions well within a diverse team. The Lab Manager has a more senior position within the team and reports directly to the professorial staff. We would look to you not just for day-to-day operations but also discussions and advice on how to build experimental setups or perform certain experiments.

As Lab Manager you would:

  • Manage the smooth running of all our processing machines: plan and execute maintenance, make small adjustments, maintain the moulds and dies
  • Ensure a safe and smooth running of the lab: put in place protocols for proper use of machines, maintain safety procedures, organize materials stock and machine reservation system
  • Support our PhD students using these machines: advise them on settings, troubleshoot challenges with them, help them with mould/die changes, etc
  • Participate actively in development of new experimental setups when needed
  • Support teaching activities to BSc and MSc students in the lab

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26-02-2024 Maastricht University
Policy advisor / Accreditations and Rankings Officer

As Policy Advisor/Accreditations and Rankings Officer, your focus will be on preparing our national (NVAO) and international (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA, EAPAA) accreditations. You will work closely with our policy advisors, our accreditations & rankings officer, our information officer, secretary and involved academic staff members, such as programme directors and programme leaders. In this team, you will prepare self-assessment reports, site visits from accreditation panels, and you will perform aftercare work in collaboration with relevant academic and support staff members. Writing parts of the report and editing it, data coordination, and advising, will be among your main tasks. You also offer support in preparing staff and students for their roles during the site visit. In addition, you are available for other policy advising tasks within PDQA.

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22-02-2024 Maastricht University
PhD position: next generation plasma reactors for methane pyrolysis

Project description

The chemical industry urgently needs to cut its CO2 emissions. Electrification will reduce emissions from processes by powering them with renewable electricity in place of fossil fuels. Circular processes will reuse valuable resources (e.g. plastics), and in doing so will cut end-of-life emissions and reduce resource depletion rates. We research novel plasma technologies to facilitate both electrification and circular processes for the chemical industry. In future, industry expects to have an environmentally sustainable source of methane, which can be most effectively valorised via upgrading to ethylene; a crucial feedstock in the production of plastics. Thermal plasma technology is a promising approach for methane to ethylene conversion as it allows the possibility for high efficiency, excellent reactant conversion, and refined product selectivity. We are currently in the process of scaling up plasma technology from 1 kW lab-scale systems to 500 kW pilot scale systems – we seek PhD candidates to perform experimental research to facilitate these scale-up activities.

Job description
The successful candidate is expected to perform laboratory experiments to develop our understanding of high-power plasma discharges in methane. Experiments will be performed in our new laboratory, located at Chemelot, 20 km North of Maastricht. You will work independently to collect, analyse, and evaluate experimental data. You will join a growing team working on similar (i.e. plasma and spectroscopy) experiments. We expect that you will regularly discuss, share, and present your work with fellow team members, colleagues, and wider audiences at international conferences. We expect you will write a number of high-quality scientific articles, ultimately culminating in your PhD thesis.

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21-02-2024 Maastricht University