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Laatste vacatures

Student adviser

In this role, you:

  • Provide information to students, both individually and in groups
  • Give students one-to-one guidance on both personal and academic issues
  • When necessary, refer students to other professionals at Erasmus University such as university psychologists and student counsellors
  • Meet with students to discuss study-related problems and study skills
  • Advise students on strategies to meet binding study advice requirements, master admission requirements, programme choices (e.g., electives, minor, exchange, internship)
  • Advise students about options outside of their programme (e.g., extra-curricular activities, choosing a master programme, career issues)
  • Monitor students’ study progress and invite them to meet with a student adviser
  • Advise the examination board on individual arrangements with students
  • Closely cooperate with colleagues from the different departments of RSM involved in teaching and supportive student services

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18-09-2023 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University
Web consultant

In this role you:

Work with internal clients to initiate and manage web optimisation projects on rsm.nl

  • Conduct regular audits on sections of the website in which you assess the performance of the webpages.
  • Use insights from web optimisation tools to formulate advice on how to improve CRO, SEO and usability of web pages to drive conversion and match the RSM brand.
  • Align with stakeholders and coordinate the hypotheses testing – whether that be through running A/B tests or implementing changes directly – and monitor performance shifts over time. You’re also in charge of gathering, analysing and presenting the results.
  • Be a part of the creative ideation process in creating new projects to further advance the digital marketing and communication instruments of RSM.

Conduct user experience (UX) and market research

  • Design, plan and conduct user research for various purposes, such as ideation, testing prototypes and optimising webpages.
  • Create reports for various audiences and use insights to help internal clients align their marketing efforts with the needs of the target audiences.
  • Contribute to building a user research repository to serve as the organisation’s source-of-truth for user insights and best practices.
  • Collect and analyse data on competitors (benchmark analysis).

Educate and consult our web editors’ community

  • Keep internal clients updated on the latest developments of our content management system (CMS) TYPO3 and relevant digital marketing topics such as SEO and UX.
  • Provide tools and training to internal clients on UX methodologies.
  • Organise knowledge sharing sessions to enhance the knowledge of web editors on UX and digital marketing topics.

Coach junior team members

  • Work closely with student assistants (SAs) who can support you on various projects.
  • Support SAs in their personal and professional development journey at RSM by giving feedback and including them in projects that enable them to reach their learning goals.

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01-09-2023 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University
Assistant professor in strategic management and/or entrepreneurship

Tenure-track requirements for teaching and research

Your teaching workload includes about three courses throughout your tenure track contract. This is similar to a 3-0 or 2-1 workload in the US system, although the courses tend to run over fewer weeks.

Additionally, you supervise approximately 10 master thesis students per year, provided that this covers the norms which our department and the school use for research and teaching assignments.

In terms of research, the research culture and resources set by RSM’s research institute, Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), aim to provide you with the best conditions in which to conduct outstanding research

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17-08-2023 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University