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PhD Position on Secure Cloud

The Semantics, Cybersecurity and Services (SCS) group at the University of Twente is looking for a full-time PhD to join the research team, working on Secure Cloud. The position is funded by the Dutch organisation for Applied Research TNO.

In this PhD project, we intend to research the use of fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) for building cloud functionality. In theory, FHE is the perfectly secure tool for storing and processing sensitive data in an untrusted cloud environment. However, this innovative encryption method introduces a significant overhead leading to a large computational and communication effort. Recent scientific results have shown progress to overcome this burden by e.g. software and hardware speed-ups.

The goal is to study the current state-of-the-art in FHE-based solutions for cloud functionality and develop ways to build cryptographic cloud components that could be used for e.g. Federated Mission Networking. You will be working part-time at TNO in The Hague and collaborate with an inspiring team of cryptographers. Therefore, a security screening will be part of the selection process.

As the prospective PhD candidate, you will be appointed for a period of four years, and you are expected to perform high-quality research that gets published at some of the top security or cryptography conferences. This position offers a mix of theoretical work - such as defining novel cryptographic protocols and proving their security - and more practical work in which you will implement prototypes of these protocols and potentially integrate them into existing cloud infrastructure.

The SCS group is internationally recognized in the broad areas of systems and data security and is unique for its collaborative and friendly atmosphere, in which researchers have considerable freedom in picking their projects and receive substantial support from supervisors and colleagues. We publish in top-tier conferences to maximize our visibility and impact, and we can guide you toward becoming a top researcher and boosting your CV. Besides, during the PhD, you will have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and network by joining international exchange programs, participating in national and international conferences, and visiting other research institutes and universities worldwide.

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14-06-2024 Universiteit Twente
Junior Journalist

De uitdaging

U-Today is het onafhankelijke en tweetalige journalistiek medium voor medewerkers en studenten van de Universiteit Twente. U-Today brengt nieuws, interviews, opinie en achtergrondverhalen online, via sociale media en op print via magazines. De uitingen van U-Today worden verzorgd door een professionele staf met daarnaast inzet van freelance-medewerkers en student-medewerkers. Onze redactie bevindt zich midden op de levendige campus, dichtbij de sport- en cultuurfaciliteiten.

Als junior journalist maak je aansprekende content – zowel in beeld als schrift - over wetenschappelijk onderzoek, het studentenleven en het reilen en zeilen op de campus. Je maakt deel uit van de redactie en denkt mee over de invulling van de online kanalen van U-Today. Je hebt een neus voor nieuws, kunt snel schakelen, komt met verfrissende ideeën voor aansprekende onlineproducties. Je bent niet bang om in je eentje op pad te gaan.

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14-06-2024 Universiteit Twente
EngD Position on Additive Manufacturing of Shape Memory Alloys

The Challenge

Shape memory alloys (SMAs) have gained significant attention due to their unique superelasticity and shape memory effect, allowing them to recover their original shape after deformation. The application of additive manufacturing (AM) technology for fabricating SMA products offers designers a unique solution to create intricate structures or parts with specific shape recovery performance, which can be used in the design and development of a wide range of smart products.

We are seeking an EngD Researcher who will focus on further developing laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) of NiTi-based shape memory alloys for the design and development of architected structures. Particular attention will be given to the design process of the parts/structures to adjust the functional performance of the 3D-printed parts. Therefore, the programmability of the NiTi parts for different applications, such as loading-unloading cycling and shape recovery performance, will be further investigated in this project.

Applicants should have a background in metal 3D printing and material characterization processes. The applicant will collaborate closely with experts from various disciplines in both industry and academia and will also contribute to paper writing and project management during this period. This presents a valuable opportunity to strengthen professional skills and expand networks in this field. On successfully completing the program, you will receive a certified and recognized degree.

The assignment is part of the Engineering Doctorate (EngD) postmaster program at the university. About 50% of the 2 year period will be directly focused on this assignment, while you will furthermore receive a tailored educational program. This educational part comprises of postmaster courses and workshops and is preparing you for the management and execution of this and future design projects. You will be entitled to use the academic title of EngD and will be registered as a Technological Designer in the Dutch register kept by the Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands (KIVI).

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11-06-2024 Universiteit Twente
EngD candidate on EcoCapture project

Within EcoCapture, a position as 2-year postgraduate student Process Design is available (EngD).

In this project the objective is to develop a cost-effective method and process to avoid/minimize oxidative degradation, by removing oyxgen (downto ppm level) in between the sorption step (in air) and desorption step (at elevated temperature).

Activities will include: Evaluation and selection of oxygen removal options, oxygen removal pilot unit design and modelling. After construction and installation (by projectpartners), testing and evaluation of the developed technology under real life conditions using the UT pilot plant is foreseen.

Direct Air Capture is identified as key enabling technology to meet Europe’s climate strategy and achieve Net Zero emissions in 2050. For the direct removal of CO2 from air, a highly selective sorbent or solvent is needed. For this, typically primary amines are selected as functional groups. A major issue when using amines is the loss of activity due to oxidative degradation, related to the presence of oxygen at regeneration conditions (at elevated temperature). The EcoCapture project addresses this issue.

EcoCapture is a multipartner project to improve DAC performance for these amine-based solid sorbent processes in general and in particular for DAC processes with sorbent circulation, as being developed by ReCarbn, spin-off company from the University of Twente. Carbotreat is a construction company, experienced in CO2 capture installations. EcoCapture is financed by the EU regional program EFRO-OOST.

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10-06-2024 Universiteit Twente
PhD position on Knowledge Representation & Responsible Design for Inclusive Employment Matching Algorithms

This fully-funded, 4-year PhD research position is part of the project "Don't Forget the Forgotten! Towards a Platform-Based Approach for Sustainable Employment of Workers with a Disability". This project, funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), addresses the challenge of limited sustainable employment opportunities for workers with disabilities (i.e., a healthy, productive, and meaningful career). By developing online platform cooperatives and algorithms for matching disabled workers and employers, you address this urgent challenge while contributing to broader societal issues such as labor market shortages, budget strains, and the energy transition.

PhD project
This PhD project builds on the notion that existing matching algorithms and domain models insufficiently address the characteristics of workers with a disability. The project aims to develop novel knowledge representations (ontologies) that better capture these aspects. We will employ an empirical and participatory approach to elicit requirements for the knowledge representation frameworks via data collection from relevant stakeholders. The requirements are used to design a novel domain-specific ontology that mathematically captures relevant worker characteristics and their relations regarding employee competencies, interests, values, and vulnerabilities. The ontology is the basis for building a novel matching algorithm that emphasizes the inclusion of workers with a disability. A prototype implementation of the matching algorithm will be developed as a proof of concept that demonstrates how an inclusive algorithm fosters a better person-environment fit for workers with a disability and facilitates sustainable employment.

The prospective candidate is expected to:

  • Perform and publish high quality and internationally visible research, and be involved in teaching and student supervision to a limited extent.
  • Study and address the challenges associated with modeling employee-employer characteristics;
  • Develop a matching algorithm and software prototype that foster inclusion and person-environment fit for workers with a disability;
  • Collaborate with societal partners;
  • Work in a team with two other PhD researchers from the engineering and social sciences;

You will receive mentorship by an experienced, international team of senior scholars with expertise in online platforms, labor markets, and AI systems at work.

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10-06-2024 Universiteit Twente