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PhD position on Embedded Neuromorphic Processor Architecture with On-Device Adaptation

Interpreting complex sensory data patterns in real-time with minimum power consumption is important for the survival of any living creature. The brain is responsible for performing this computation and has evolved over millions of years to be efficient in power consumption and processing speed. A honey bee's brain uses a few milliwatts of power, yet it can perform a wide range of complex tasks such as navigation, communication, learning, and memory in real-time. Today, the most advanced commercial processor technology for this task consumes several orders of magnitude higher energy than the honey bee's brain. Neuromorphic devices are seen as the way forward towards more effective and more efficient machine learning. However, current on-device learning in embedded AI processors (including bio-inspired neuromorphic systems1-2-3) are a luxury feature that consumes a significant amount of power without considering power reduction. However, as humans, we know that, with practice, we can perform tasks better and faster with less effort. Our goal is to design methods and tools that leverage continuous learning to reduce power consumption and latency by algorithm-hardware co-optimization. As a candidate for this interdisciplinary Ph.D. position, you will be at the forefront of a transformative exploration into embedded AI. Your

work will focus on developing open-source algorithms and hardware designs that embody the principles of neuromorphic engineering, pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible. We invite innovative thinkers who are passionate about combining the efficiency of biological systems with cutting-edge technology to apply. 1- Tang, Guangzhi, et al. "SENECA: Building a fully digital neuromorphic processor, design trade-offs and challenges." Frontiers in Neuroscience 17: 1187252. 2- Davies, Mike, et al. "Loihi: A neuromorphic manycore processor with on-chip learning." Ieee Micro 38.1 (2018): 82-99. 3- Rostami, Amirhossein, et al. "E-prop on SpiNNaker 2: Exploring online learning in spiking RNNs on neuromorphic hardware." Frontiers in Neuroscience 16 (2022): 1018006.

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01-03-2024 Universiteit Twente
PhD position in Quantifying the impact of nationwide screening for cardiovascular disease chronic kidney disease and Diabete...

The challenge is to transform healthcare through early detection and treatment of diseases. Cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease, and type 2 diabetes severely impact the quality of life of individuals affected by these conditions, and lead to invasive treatments and high costs if not treated early. There is however no nationwide screening program to detect these conditions and start treatment early. Therefore, the Check@Home consortium will develop a roadmap and infrastructure for an accessible and (cost-)effective national program for the early detection and treatment of these diseases. During the Check@Home study, 160,000 Dutch citizens will be invited to apply a home-based screening test. Upon detection of early signs of chronic diseases, lifestyle intervention and medication may be initiated to prevent further progression. Through this research, you will craft the healthcare of the future and impact the lives of thousands!

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is essential to enable efficient and sustainable healthcare. We are seeking a PhD candidate who wants focus on HTA, that is, work at the intersection of healthcare, technology and society. This requires a deep understanding of both healthcare and technology, and solid quantitative skills. Using the evidence collected during the Check@Home study and simulation modelling, the successful applicant will be responsible for assessing the health economic impact of the Check@Home multi-disease screening program, to support its nationwide implementation. Beyond this unique project, this exciting position offers the opportunity to enhance existing simulation approaches in HTA!

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01-03-2024 Universiteit Twente
PhD position on Robust and Ethical Autonomous AI in Digital Markets

With this interdisciplinary PhD project you will lay the foundations for a comprehensive theoretical framework for Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning (MDRL) in the context of algorithmic collusion. To this end, you will establish (1) theoretical and computational convergence guarantees for specific MDRL algorithms, (2) guarantees for algorithmic robustness to environmental changes and (3) average as well as worst-case performance.

The project offers collaborations across three different research groups at the University of Twente. While affiliated with the Stochastic Operations Research group, you will benefit from joint supervision, fostering synergies with the Statistics group and the Formal Methods and Tools group.

The UT and the faculty EEMCS are inclusive toward underrepresented groups and strive to increase the proportion of female staff. Female applicants are particularly welcome.

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01-03-2024 Universiteit Twente
Dean Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

EEMCS is looking for a new Dean with authority within one of the Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science disciplines or related fields. To maximise our efforts to have a true impact on society research is conducted across the boundaries of disciplines.

You have a clear vision on our education and research, aiming to contribute to solving real-world problems by applying (inter)disciplinary tool sets for analysis and design of the dynamic interaction between systems involving the digital, physical and human worlds. You are an inclusive leader who, together with the collegial Faculty Board, can encourage and engage the faculty to further safeguard and improve the quality of our education and research.

EEMCS has a prominent position in the research programs of the three university research institutes MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology, the Institute for Medical Technology and the Institute for the Digital Society.

The Dean is part of the collegial Faculty Board, together with the Vice-Dean of Education (part-time), Vice-Dean of Research (part-time) and the Portfolio holder Operations (full-time). Together you will lead the faculty to meet the following challenges:

  • Maintaining the wellbeing of a diverse community of inspired and enthusiastic professionals with a performance oriented and collaborative attitude;
  • Making impact with our academic efforts, fostering innovation, stimulating entrepreneurial attitude, connecting disciplines and stimulating partnerships and collaborations;
  • Maintaining the long term sustainability of our faculty, in an era characterized by economic and political turbulence, by continuously working on our research and education portfolio;
  • Implementing, monitoring and enabling our multi-annual strategy.

Women are specifically encouraged to apply for this position.

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29-02-2024 Universiteit Twente
Postdoc position on comparison between quantum advantage strategies, NWO Vidi

In this project, we will theoretically study different approaches towards classically simulating quantum advantage demonstrations in a variety platforms. The aim is to transfer techniques from one platform (such as photonics) to another, thereby paving the way for new simulation strategies. Our understanding of the conditions for a quantum advantage currently lags behind what can be achieved in experiments. By ‘porting over’ strategies that have been developed in other contexts (such as random circuit sampling) the goal is to come to new simulation strategies, that will strengthen our understanding of where the boundary of a quantum advantage lies.Your home base will be within the Adaptive Quantum Optics (AQO) chair [www.utwente.nl/aqo] in the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente. The AQO group hosts a variety of research projects in photonic quantum computing, from optical building blocks to theory, providing you with a broad background in quantum photonics.

Your supervisor will be Dr. Jelmer Renema. We work closely together with our colleagues in the integrated photonics program, and with associated industries in the program. We intend to fill this position in the beginning of 2024. This project is being carried out as part of the National Growth Fund Photonics.

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28-02-2024 Universiteit Twente