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Student Assistant: Catering

As SA you will be responsible for welcoming our guests and providing excellent customer service. You will be responsible for taking orders, providing advice on menu items, ingredients, being a host and serving our guests. We are looking for someone who doesn’t mind a few repetitive tasks, and is accurate and detail-oriented in their work. We also expect you to be an outgoing and creative person, as the other side of the job includes event support, representation of our office at events, etc. Some concrete examples of your work include (but are not limited to):

  • Being a host
  • Setting up buffets for lunch or dinner and also clearing them
  • Setting up (coffee) breaks for our groups and also clearing them
  • Providing operational support at events

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19-07-2024 Erasmus University Rotterdam
PhD position Global Health Economics

More than a billion people annually incur catastrophic health expenditures or forego necessary care, most of them living in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Especially in LMICs, ensuring affordable and good quality health care for all is a persistent challenge for health policy that has largely remained unsolved. Most earlier attempts to increase financial protection through the introduction of health insurances across LMICs were less successful than expected. Which policies would be more effective in strengthening the sustainability and resilience of LMICs’ health systems, and increasing financial access at the individual level, is not yet sufficiently known. This PhD project aims to fill some of that gap using multidisciplinary insights from health economics and health systems research.

In countries across the Global North, the design of health systems has been extensively described and evaluated. More specifically, the required tools and preconditions for safeguarding universal health insurance coverage have been developed and tested. This is not yet the case for most of the Global South. In this PhD project you will work on the development of a conceptual framework to describe and evaluate both the sustainability and resilience of health systems countries across the Global South. This framework will be used for assessing the crucial preconditions for achieving universal health coverage considering both the risk of market failures caused by agency problems and the risk of government failure (i.e., the minimum requirements for effective regulation). Subsequently barriers and successes will be identified based on existing empirical work. In parallel, new evidence will be generated on the effectiveness of elements of these health care systems via original data collection or evaluation of one of the more successful health insurance schemes implemented in LMICs (for example Rwanda, Ethiopia or Ghana). There will be ample space for you to inform and direct the PhD project. Throughout the project, you will lead knowledge translation activities to share relevant information on “What works” and “What does not work” with policy makers, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders.

As a PhD student at ESHPM, your primary duty will be to conduct research. In the process, you will be given plenty of opportunity to work on your personal development, e.g., by participating in relevant courses and conferences. In addition, you will be given some teaching duties, which take up on average 15% of your time in a given academic year.

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19-07-2024 Erasmus University Rotterdam
PhD Assetization of care

Private, for-profit healthcare agencies are gaining power in contemporary health systems around the world. In the post-pandemic era and against the backdrop of fast rising workforce shortage levels, national governments increasingly welcome them for ‘quick and innovative solutions’ to pressing collective concerns and policy needs. Examples include the role of for-profit providers in addressing long waiting lists for hospital or nursing home care, health care deserts in more rural areas, and the development of digital infrastructures to enable technology-driven home care or self-employment of healthcare professionals. Even though private organizations have always been central to the Dutch healthcare system, now for-profit actors and internationally operating enterprises (‘private equity’) are moving in, introducing alternative ordering logics, valuation instruments and value regimes that are hardly understood in the healthcare context. This assetization of care may have far-reaching consequences for quality of care, working conditions and access to care. The PhD position focuses on this changing political economy of healthcare.

In this position, the PhD student will study the rather new phenomenon of assetization of care, in which health services are turned into assets to generate revenues for a wide range of actors. The focus will be on healthcare work and care provision. The PhD student will both empirically explore and theoretically conceptualize the assetization of care, using digital and ethnograph research methods. Case studies include the financial, technical and social infrastructures of care assetization, and will be selected together with the supervising team. The supervising team is a multidisciplinary team of sociological and economic scientists, as we aim to conduct transdisciplinary research to gain in-depth understanding of the current assetization movement.

Project aims and objectives:
This PhD position is part of a new and transdisciplinary research programme on Workforce and Sustainability in Health Care within ESHPM. The focus on assetization of care and the consequences for healthcare work and care delivery is one of the core research themes within this programme. In addition to developing PhD research, the PhD student will participate in broader research and teaching activitities to build and foster the Workforce and Sustainability Theme (e.g. participating in research seminars, developing panels for international conferences, developing courses for ESHPM students and post-academic training). Regarding the PhD project, the PhD student will be responsible for reviewing and synthesizing conceptual literature as well as designing an empirical study, collecting and analyzing qualitative data, and writing up research articles. The PhD project may include an international component as care assetization occurs across boarders.

Supervising team
Th primary supervisor will be Iris Wallenburg, professor in the Sociology of Care. Other members will be a researcher with expertise in critical sociology and a researcher with expertise in health economics. The PhD student will be part of a core team of two PhD candidates, two senior academics (Iris Wallenburg and Yiannis Kyratsis) who co-lead the Theme of Sustainable Healthcare and Workforce, and a broader academic community of scholars from various disciplines who are involved in research related to the Sustainable Healthcare and Workforce theme. This PhD student will be embedded in the department of Healthcare Governance, which is one of the seven departments in ESHPM and has a vibrant PhD community with regular research seminars

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19-07-2024 Erasmus University Rotterdam
Student Assistant: Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions

You will offer and effectively support both the Recruitment & Admissions team and the Marketing team. You will be assisting both teams with administrative tasks and general support where needed. Other activities will include, but are not limited to, the activities below:

  • Support with (digital) marketing activities (photoshop, video editing, web editing, scheduling photoshoots, contact with creative agency)
  • Create mailing templates in CRM/ClickDimensions and invitations for events
  • Clean incoming Leads for CRM
  • Create webforms for digital marketing campaigns
  • Support marketing with event preparations
  • Cleaning up photo library
  • Help out with generating content at student events
  • Support in design and creation of student surveys
  • Research/Benchmarking
  • Track event participation rates

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19-07-2024 Erasmus University Rotterdam
Student Assistant: Full-time MBA

This job is a combination of front-end and back-end support for the team and a range of administrative tasks. You will be assisting RSM B.V. staff and students (both in person and online) with gaining access to various systems, monitoring and logging student attendance, responding to student inquiries, maintaining and updating shared databases, folders, and files, writing and updating manuals, general administration of staff and student requests, and more. You will also be assisting the FT MBA team during the work week (Monday – Friday) 9:00 – 17:00. Occasional requests to work outside of normal work hours to support FT MBA related events.

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19-07-2024 Erasmus University Rotterdam